Executive Board

Sam Cannova

Chief Executive Officer

Drew Seketa

Chief Financial Officer

Carson Myers

Chief Marketing Officer

Sam is a Senior from Wheaton, IL majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies with interdisciplinary minors in Business Economics and Philosophy, Politics, & Economics at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Sam participates in Class Council and performs research with the Kellogg International Scholars Program. For fun, Sam enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time outdoors.

Andrew is a Senior from Carmel, Indiana majoring in Finance and ACMS at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Andrew participates in Mock Trial, Moneythink, and is an Unleashed Project leader. Andrew is interested in Entrepreneurship and Law, and hopes to either go to Law School or start his own business one day.

Carson is a Senior from San Jose, California. She is majoring in Accounting and is abroad in Rome this Fall semester! She will be the VP of Community Relations in the Spring. In her free time, Carson swims for the Notre Dame Swim Club and likes to hike and travel.


Jake Eberhart

Chief Portfolio Manager

Ryan Mullin

Chief Operations Officer

Jake is a Senior from Yorkville, IL majoring in Finance and Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Jake participates in SIBC and Interhall Basketball.

Sean is a Senior from Irvine, CA double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Outside of JIFFI, he is involved with Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns. When the weather will allow it, Sean enjoys spending time outside with friends playing spikeball.


Connie Chen

Project Manager

Sean McConville

Project Manager

Connie is a Senior studying Finance and Data Science from Taichung, Taiwan, and is passionate about Fintech, business ethics, and financial empowerment. Outside of JIFFI, Connie serves on the International Admissions and Ambassador Boards and is involved with SIBC and Club Boxing. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, chocolate tasting, and staying active.

Sean is a Senior from Irvine, CA double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Outside of JIFFI, he is involved with Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns. When the weather will allow it, Sean enjoys spending time outside with friends playing spikeball.


Malia Marshall

Vice President

Jingjing (Cheryl) Xu


Malia is a Senior from Portland, Oregon double majoring in Finance and Peace Studies. At Notre Dame, she plays the piccolo in the marching band, she is the founder of International Justice Mission ND (an organization fighting to stop human trafficking), and she is also a Young Life leader at Jefferson Intermediate in South Bend. In her spare time, she loves to read and watch the Portland Trail Blazers.

Jingjing, (or “Cheryl”) Xu is Senior from Hangzhou, China studying Accountancy and Japanese. Outside of JIFFI, Jingjing enjoys dancing, drawing manga, and playing the flute.


Matthew Hawke


Matt is a Sophmore from Hamilton, Massachusetts who is studying within Mendoza School of Business but has not yet declared a major. He recently graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire where he was captain of the basketball and lacrosse teams. Outside of JIFFI he is currently a member of the Club Lacrosse Team, and enjoys playing spike ball, and spending time with friends.

Business Development

Will Murray

Vice President

Kevin Lawrence


Will is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California studying Business Analytics and ACMS. Outside of JIFFI, Will is involved in Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, SIBC, and is a proud resident of Keenan Hall. In his free time, Will enjoys nature, movies, and quality time with friends.

Kevin is a Freshman out of Elmhurst, Illinois studying in the Mendoza College of Business. Outside of JIFFI, he enjoys hanging out with friends and running.


Grace Kinsella


Jenny Xia


Grace Kinsella is a freshman from Silver City, Iowa majoring in Business Analytics at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, she is involved in International Justice Mission of Notre Dame, Delight Ministries, and Compass. In her free time, Grace enjoys spending time with friends, baking, traveling, and hiking.

Jenny is a Sophomore studying Finance and ACMS from Shanghai, China. She is passionate about financial services, women empowerment, and social impact. Outside of JIFFI, Jenny is involved with SIBC and serves as the Millennial Ambassador to work with startups. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, learning about cultural heritages, and watching shows.

Community Relations

Alexa Schlaerth

Vice President

Teresa Spesia


Alexa is a Sophmore from Pasadena, California studying Psychology and International Economics with a focus in Chinese (East Asian Languages and Cultures). Outside of JIFFI, Alexa enjoys dancing with TransPose Dance Collective, writing for Medium and The Observer, and practicing her Chinese.

Teresa (Tess) Spesia is a sophomore from Joliet, Illinois studying Sociology and Global Affairs with a concentration in Latin American Studies. Outside of JIFFI, Tess is the Lyons Hall service commissioner and Alumni coordinator and is a proud employee of Au Bon Pain cafe. In her free time, she enjoys hammock-ing by the lakes, meeting new people, and volunteering in the South Bend community.


John Harkin


Robert Chu


Justin Witt


Jack is a Junior from Jakarta, Indonesia. Jack is double majoring in Business Analytics and Visual Communication Design. Outside of JIFFI, he is a SIBC consulting leader, unleashed projected leader, International ambassador, a member of club rugby. 

Robert is a Junior from Kennesaw, GA majoring in Business Analytics and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Robert is involved in his hall council, WVFI Radio, and Fighting Irish Media. In his free time, Robert enjoys listening to music, going for bike rides, and cooking.

Justin is a Sophomore from Midland, MI studying Political Science, Global Affairs, and Business Economics. Outside of JIFFI, he is a research assistant through the Kellogg International Scholars Program, and also participates in Unleashed Social Ventures and Notre Dame Venture Capital. In his free time, Justin enjoys cooking, listening to NPR’s How I Built This, and adding to his travel bucket list.

Credit and Risk Management

Megan Allen

Vice President

John O'Leary


Megan is a Junior from Portland, Oregon majoring in Business Analytics and Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

Jack is a Sophomore from Stuart, Florida double majoring in International Economics and Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Jack participates in SIBC consulting and research through the Kellogg International Scholars Program.


Danny Fitzpatrick


Danny is a Freshman from Northbrook, Illinois majoring in finance at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, he is a part of SIBC, Investment Club, and Corporate Finance club. He is passionate about sports and you can find him playing recreational sports with friends when he’s not doing school or club-related work.


Josie Donlon


Josie is a native of Portland, Oregon now living in Chicago. She is a junior majoring in International Economics with Spanish and has a concentration in Financial Economics and Econometrics. In her free time, Josie enjoys reading, playing tennis and drinking kombucha.

Financial Empowerment Program

Edward Brunicardi

Vice President

Luca Marini


Elizabeth Steffensmeier


Edward is a Sophmore from Sarasota, Florida, studying Political Science and Public Policy. Outside of JIFFI, Edward enjoys rock climbing, tutoring at St. Adalbert’s Elementary, and geeking out over mundane political events. By the end of his four years at Notre Dame, it is Edward’s hope to make a dramatic improvement in the financial literacy rates of every South Bend resident.

Luca is a Sophmore majoring in Finance and Global Affairs. He is originally from Campinas, Brazil, where he studied his whole life. He has traveled to all but 3 Brazilian states, he loves fishing in remote locations in the Amazon rainforest and he is a certified scuba diver. In the future, he plans on starting my own non-profit organization.

Lizzy Steffensmeier is a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio, majoring in Economics and Political Science. In addition to serving the South Bend community through JIFFI, Lizzy enjoys tutoring students at the Robinson Community Learning Center. In her free time, Lizzy loves to chill in a hammock, cook and bake, and compete on the Notre Dame Club Golf team.


Pascal Ekirapa



Ana Sofia Toscano


Ana is a Freshman from Sorocaba, Brazil, studying Economics. She is passionate about the power of education, and outside of JIFFI, she loves to paint and take pictures. In the future, she plans to work with socially responsible investing.


Steve Brewer


Steve is a Junior from Cleveland, OH majoring in Economics with a minor in Accounting. Outside of JIFFI, Steve is the President of the Men’s Club Lacrosse team, an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, and a member of a handful of business/finance clubs. For fun, Steve enjoys listening to music, skiing, and playing golf.


Sam Koby


Sam is a Sophomore from Orange Beach, Alabama, studying finance and philosophy. In addition to his role at JIFFI, Sam enjoys volunteering at Lincoln Elementary School, participating in SIBC, and playing basketball at the Rock. When not in Indiana, Sam is an avid offshore fisherman!


Preston Chen

Vice President

Emma King


Preston is a Sophmore from St. Louis, Missouri studying Business Analytics and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. He enjoys spreading positive energy and meeting new people.

Emma is a sophomore from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, pursuing a double major in Economics and Statistics. She serves as the Secretary of the Mock Trial team, enjoys working for the Center for Social Concerns, and lives in the finest dorm on campus, Farley Hall. Emma is passionate about community service, public policy, and data analytics, and she loves finding ways to combine the three.


Henry Langbo


Jonathan Pal


Henry is a sophomore from Columbus, Georgia studying Political Science and Economics. He enjoys running, playing bass guitar, and spending time with friends. Henry is interested in a career in criminal law.

Jonathan is a first-year from Mountain View, CA majoring in Physics and Philosophy. Outside of JIFFI, Jonathan enjoys making music, running around the lakes, or getting involved with church activities.

Loan Team

Anabel Martinez

Vice President

Vaibhav Mopidevi


Anabel is an economics major with a minor in ceramics. She is a sophomore from New York who likes to throw on the wheel and go for distance runs around the lakes in her free time.

Vaibhav Mopidevi (“Mopi”) is a Junior from Bangalore, India and a proud resident of Duncan Hall double majoring in Business Analytics and Film, Television and Theatre. Before coming to Notre Dame, Mopi spent a gap year pursuing his interests in traveling, filmmaking, paragliding and triathlons. Outside of JIFFI, Mopi is involved with SIBC, a member of the Ultimate frisbee team, a research assistant, and was an actor in ND’s “Show Some Skin” production. He is currently documenting his Notre Dame journey through the lens of his YouTube Channel and wants to share with the world what it’s like to be a student at ND.


Jacob Berning


Audra Pesko


Jacob Berning is a senior Economics and Theology major from Dubuque, IA. Outside of JIFFI, he plays club soccer, manages the pizzeria in the basement of his dorm, and spends time with friends and family. He is really passionate about making our banking industry more fair and beneficial for everyone.
Audra is a first-year from Youngstown, Ohio majoring in Economics. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, learning French, and watching soccer.

Cesar Aguzzi


Cesar is a sophomore majoring in Finance and History. He is originally from Venezuela so come to him if you have any interests in arepas or empanadas! He also likes soccer, football, basketball, and running.


Sean Seidl


Sean is a Sophomore from Buffalo Grove, IL, majoring in Finance and ACMS at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Sean participates in SIBC and consults for Mental Health Awareness of Michiana. For fun, Sean enjoys running, reading, and listening to music.


He Duan


Robert Cline


He Duan is a Senior from Harare, Zimbabwe studying at the University of Notre Dame where he is majoring in Finance and Economics. Outside of JIFFI, He is a SIBC Consulting Project Leader, Vice President of the Chinese Culture Society, Pipe Sergeant of Notre Dame Bagpipe Band, and an International Ambassador for ISSA. For fun, he enjoys tennis, piano, and biking.

Robert is a freshman from Murrieta, CA double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Sustainability at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, he participates in interhall athletics and is a proud resident of St. Edward’s Hall. Robert’s main goal is to improve the sustainability and efficiency of numerous economic practices.

Kelly Gorman


Kelly is a sophomore from San Diego, CA majoring in ACMS and Economics with a minor in PPE. Outside of JIFFI, she enjoys helping out with ND Student Media, playing club lacrosse, and listening to podcasts.


Alec DeLong


Alec is a Sophomore from Carmel, Indiana majoring in Finance and ACMS at the University of Notre Dame. Outside of JIFFI, Alec competes on the swim team and is a member of the Student Union Board. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, mountain biking, and listening to music.


Grace Condon

Vice President

Sarah Reidy


Grace is a Junior from Boston, Massachusetts. She is majoring in International Economics with a concentration in Chinese language and culture and minoring in Computing & Digital Technologies. Outside of JIFFI, Grace enjoys hanging out with friends, participating in Ryan Hall activities, and playing on rec sports teams.

Sarah is a Sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a Neuroscience & Behavior major in the College of Arts and Letters with a minor in Digital Marketing & Design. Outside of JIFFI, Sarah considers herself a major foodie, One Direction’s biggest fan, and enjoys hiking. She also captains an intramural flag football team with Lyons Hall.


Dylan Rose Elledge


Dylan is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia double majoring in Marketing and Spanish. She is also involved in the marketing division of Student International Business Council (SIBC), and in her free time she loves to read, take pictures, and play pickup tennis with her friends.


Kevin Weiss


Kevin is a sophomore from Parsippany, New Jersey studying electrical engineering and business economics. He is also involved in Engineers without borders and the Keenan Revue. Kevin’s two main passions are golf and travel.