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Our History


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Our History


Early Inspiration

Summer  2011

Peter Woo, then-freshman at Notre Dame does research on cash-lending practices in India through an International Summer Services Understanding System through the Center for Social Concerns.

Initial Meeting

February 17, 2012

Peter Woo invites seven acquaintances interested in the community to a dinner at North Dining Hall. He proposes a Responsible Lending Initiative in South Bend.

Market Research

Spring 2012

The team meets with professors from departments ranging from sociology and peace studies to accounting and management; leaders of local non-profits; and  local politicians. The team also holds focus groups, interviews payday lenders & users, and sends out market surveys.

Establishment of Board of Directors

November 30, 2012

The team forms its Board of Directors:

Chairman - Melissa Paulsen, Professor

President - Peter Woo ('14)

Treasurer - Jacob Stanton ('14)

Secretary - Cristin Pacifico ('15)

Jake Bebar ('15)

Peter Lombardo, Center for the Homeless

Connie Mick, Co-Director of Poverty Studies

William Schmull,  Accounting Professor

Andrew Weiler ('15)

Amber Werner, Bridges Out of Poverty

Gaining Recognition

Spring 2014

JIFFI won the "Coffeehouse Favorite" $2000 award at the Irish Impact: Social Entrepreneurship at Notre Dame conference. During this time, some JIFFI members also attended the Lend for America Summit in Berkeley, CA.

D.C. Bound

November 2015

In November 2015, four members were sent to the Lend for America Summit, this time in Washington, D.C.

Expanding our Reach

April 2016

JIFFI received coverage from multiple publications over the year: The South Bend Tribune, The Journal Gazzette, nd.edu, The Washington Times, and WSBT Channel 22.

Local Research

Fall 2011

Peter Woo returns to Notre Dame for his sophomore year and begins researching the predatory lending industry in the United States, specifically within South Bend, Indiana.

Initial Team

February 22, 2012

After the initial meeting, Peter Woo ( ND '14), Andrew Weiler ('15), Cristin Pacifico ('15), Jane Park ('13), Jacob Stanton ('14), Alex Schoemann, ('14) and Jake Bebar ('15) meet to form the Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion.


July 19, 2012

Peter Woo, Jake Bebar, and Jacob Stanton file the Articles of Incorporation with the State of Indiana as officers of the Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion (JIFFI).

An Expanding Organization

Spring 2014

Over 13 months, the JIFFI team expanded from 8 members to 30, raised more than $10,000 through crowdfunding, disbursed 11 loans over 13 months, and received 501(c)3 status!

Client Process and Website

Fall 2015

During Winter 2015, the JIFFI team implemented Salesforce to streamline the client process and collect important statistics. They also launched the latest version of jiffi.org and raised $7,670 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Community Participation

Winter 2016

JIFFI presented in the community forum for Economic Justice as part of the predatory lenders panel. Also during this time, JIFFI received a grant to be able to fund advertising campaigns on Google.


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