How We Work

Meeting with a JIFFI Staff Member?

Please bring to your meeting:
  • Government Issued Identification
  • 3 Recent Pay Stubs
  • 2 Recent Bank Statements
  • All Monthly Bills: rent, water, electricity, cell phone, etc.
  • 1. Fill out the application

    Fill out the loan application prior to meeting with a JIFFI staff member so we can appropriately prepare to meet with you.

  • 2. Wait for our call.

    We will contact you within 2 days to discuss which JIFFI services work for you.

  • 3. Set up a loan decision meeting.

    Meet with a JIFFI staff member to determine the appropriate support for your needs. Please bring all appropriate materials to your meeting.

  • 4. Let us assist you.

    Once our credit team has made a decision regarding whether to approve or deny the loan request, a JIFFI staff member will meet with you to distribute the loan or to discuss how we can provide you with other community support and resources.

  • 5. Follow up with us.

    Meet regularly with a JIFFI staff member to discuss your financial situation, goals, and how we can assist you.