Intern 2020 Spotlight #1: Jack O’Leary

Hear from one of our interns, Jack O’Leary, as be begins his summer journey with JIFFI!


Jack O’Leary

May 29, 2020


This summer the JIFFI internship, like everything else, is different than usual. There are actually three of us: Sean McConville, Edward Brunicardi, and myself, Jack O’Leary. The other guys will post on here eventually so I’ll just introduce myself for now. First of all I’m from Stuart, Florida, and I’m a rising Sophomore at Notre Dame. I live in St. Edward’s Hall and double major in International Economics (Spanish) and Global Affairs. I joined JIFFI last fall as an Associate of the Credit and Risk Division. 


I am really excited about this internship. In laying out all of our goals for this summer and assigning roles I think Sean, Edward, and I can truly complete a lot of tasks that will have a major impact on the organization come August. Today we actually launched our first Facebook advertisement. I used my limited design experience from a year on my high school’s yearbook staff to make a graphic on Adobe InDesign. Then we launched a five day ad that is expected to reach a couple thousand people in the South Bend area. 


I’m also excited to experience the other side of the loan process. In Credit we do not meet with the clients in order to remain a level of objectivity when making decisions. I’m really looking forward to my first client meeting. I think directly interacting with the clients will boost my stamina towards JIFFI’s mission and provide me with a better understanding of JIFFI’s operations.


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