JIFFI’s First Financial Empowerment Training Session!

JIFFI’s First Financial Empowerment Training Session!

By Amanda Conklin ’17


For the past few months, I have been fortunate to work with the financial empowerment team here at JIFFI. We have been working to create a six-module financial literacy program for our clients. Through these six modules, we hope to assist our clients in making better financial decisions.  This past week, our team gave a financial empowerment presentation to the rest of JIFFI’s staff to formally introduce the first two modules of the program.

It was really exciting to present the first two modules in the financial empowerment program to the rest of the JIFFI team. In these two modules, we placed a focus on goal setting, budgeting, and managing debt. Our staff members were all introduced to the various activities they can work through with their clients in these first two modules, and became more familiar with the modules. After an introduction to the modules, our staff broke up into pairs where one staff member acted as the client, while the other staff member started the program. The whole team did a great job.


Overall, I would say that our financial empowerment training was a great success.  I am excited to introduce our clients to the financial empowerment program, and to work with them individually to analyze their personal financial situations and determine the best way to move forward! The quote “a loan should help you get out of a hole, not push you into another one” kept playing through my head throughout the financial empowerment training—hopefully through the lessons learned during training, we can not only help our clients get out of the hole but also help them avoid falling back into these holes in the future.

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