Lobbying for Approval

Since my last blog post, I was able to get my first client approved! It took some persuading of our Credit team, but I was able to offer my client a small loan with the promise that if he/she pays it off, we can reevaluate for a larger loan in the future. For the first time, I felt very passionately that he/she deserved a loan and specifically lobbied for the loan—rebutting against Credit’s arguments for denial (sorry, Credit Team), in favor of my client. But it was all worth it because the client was very grateful and I think he/she will prove very successful in terms of timely repayment.

Additionally, I am now in contact with representatives from the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County and hope to form a partnership with them soon.

Moving forward from what I blogged about last time–the community partner list, I started re-reaching out to some charities that never responded to my initial email, began making a list of our current partners, and did some more in depth research on the services that are offered by our current partners. I hope that by the end of the summer, I’ll have a list of our community partners with short summaries of the services that they offer, so that when we have to deny a client, we can offer them other resources from which to receive help. In addition, I’ve finished the research started by FEP on local banks and credit unions. I plan to start putting this into a client-friendly format such that we can also provide them with information on different checking and savings account options at local banks if they don’t already have bank accounts.

Again, I really enjoy my work and I’m looking forward to meeting with another two clients on Thursday and then presenting to Summer Scholars and REAL Services next Tuesday.


-Vivian Crumlish


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