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Financial Empowerment Guide

JIFFI’s Financial Empowerment Program aims to increase financial literacy in the South Bend community through the use of individual and group lessons to both adults and children.
Our goal is for everyone we come in contact with to have an understanding of their finances and to decrease confusion around intimidating financial terminology.

Financial Tips


Thinking Ahead

Many payday loans build up quickly, especially as the amount you failed to pay is rolled over onto your next high-interest rate loan. So, it may be worth it to find big-ticket items to sell around the house, ask for an employer advance, get rid of cable, or find a friend to carpool with for a week to save on transit costs!


Watch Out For Debt

Debt often begins after life-changing times like job loss, divorce, medical procedures, or many others. Even in such stressful times, try to be mindful of the long-term financial implications of taking on debt, especially high-interest debt!


Plan For The Future

When you get a raise, raise your retirement savings as well. If you get a bump in pay the first thing you should do is up your automatic transfer to savings and increase your retirement conditions.


Watch Your Credit Report!

A large number of credit reports contain misinformation which is important to get removed. Studies show that about 1 in 5 Americans has a mistake on his or her report. Make sure to check yours!

Additional Tips…

Financial Tools

At JIFFI, our mission is to equip South Bend residents with essential financial resources and tools, empowering them to navigate life with a robust and stable financial foundation. In line with this commitment, we offer a range of accessible tools designed to simplify and enhance financial management for everyone. Our resources are tailored to assist in building a stronger financial future, ensuring that sound financial practices are within reach for all community members.