Payday Lending facts: Learn something new about who and why we serve

Over the past week, JIFFI has posted different facts related to poverty and payday lending nationwide and within the South Bend community. From research on these topics coming from the South Bend Tribune as well as Indiana Institute for Working Families’ Financial Drain: Payday Lenders extract millions from Hoosier communities report, we were able to find out more about the characteristics of payday loan borrowers, the demographics of South Bend residents, and rules and laws surrounding payday lending. This week, we posted seven different facts highlighting key information that we believe shed light on the issues that JIFFI works to counteract, shown below. As the year progresses, we hope to continue sharing this information across our social media platforms so that our followers can learn new things related to the issue of payday lending, so be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the new content that JIFFI has to share.




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