Savings Program

JIFFI’s Savings Program

JIFFI’s new Savings Program aims to help people gain access to bank accounts, financial resources, and credit building opportunities that Notre Dame’s Federal Credit Union offers. In addition, JIFFI offers an incentivized savings program where JIFFI will match 20%, up to $50, of a client’s total savings over a 6-month period.

Access to Bank Accounts and Financial Resources

All clients enrolled in the Savings Program will be assisted through the process of setting up a bank account through Notre Dame’s Federal Credit Union (NDFCU) with a member of our team and Daniel Greenlee, the area manager at the NDFCU. JIFFI covers the fees for membership as well as the initial $5 deposit to set up the account. Clients will also be informed about the financial resources available to them through the NDFCU and how to most effectively use them.